And Then What….?

by | Oct 5, 2020 | The Hungry Eye

The last Hungry Eye was written over 6 months ago on April 2, 2020.  Since/during the world has pressed in with a siege of wordy engines, the sound of sirens and helicopters & a smoked-out sky drifted in from the west coast.  It has also fallen away as I continue to live in a mostly isolated state.  The threads of communication take on theatrical significance even as they are diminished in their lack of corporeal presence.  As the anxiety heightens & singes my adrenal highways the paintings fall out of my hands like fairy gifts.  One after another they almost paint themselves.
There has been a suffusion of pink in many of the pictures and a release of restraint. Doodle Beach Island, that wonderful land of imagination, has become a great influence,  spreading its charms & inclusiveness over the geography of this abode.

Morales & Wolff is from a dream sent to me by my deceased friend Robert Morales

Morales & Wolff

2021     24 X 33     oil on wood

Little Mia is myself on the beach as a child

Little Mia

2021    16 X 20    oil on linen

Valentine from Doodle Beach is a victorian-inspired, crazed, lacy scribble from Doodle Beach Island

Valentine from Doodle Beach

2021      24 X 33      oil on wood

Pink/Tree is an amalgamation of a dream an an actual place


2021    36 X 48      oil on panel

Shiva in the Forest is Shiva’s dance deep in the green, reflected

Shiva in the Forest

2021   18 X 24    oil on panel

Upon reading The King of Elfland’s Daughter my son suggested I paint the receding of Elfland from the known world…thus


2020      24 X 36    oil on panel

and then, of course, I wanted to paint Elfland flooding back in


2021    33 1/2 X 41   oil on metal blackboard with painted frame

Juan Diego is from the story of Guadalupe.  Here he is revealing the miracle of roses in his tilma

Juan Diego

2021    18 X 24     oil on panel

Runaway is inexplicable &, at least to me, inevitable given my fascination with water and falling down buildingsIt’s now November.


2021    48 X 48    oil on panel

it also ended up being on the cover of Chip’s book

and then underwater in the kelp forest with the drifting scent/memory of some lovely creature


2021    36 X 48 (2 panels) oil on panel

Maybe next time I’ll include all the paper paintings that happened along with these.
Hope all are surviving & somehow finding beauty in the universe.