Break & Find


60 X 69 Oil on linen

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This was the first painting I did with the thought of painting light as the actual subject. I took a place that I knew well– a Catskill Mountain creek deep in a hemlock forest. There was a place to study and paint the interplay of light through trees, along huge rocks, bouncing on moving water and piercing through to the creek stones below. I toyed with the idea of including St Francis and the wolf he befriended, but dropped it for the purity of an image without a figure. Strangely enough the wolf showed up without my knowing. A friend pointed out that in the sun-whitened greenery of one of the hemlocks was a wolf running across the air, and if you imagine a bit harder, a pack of blurry wolves chasing it. When he showed me I saw it immediately and now cannot un-see it.


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