49 X 59 Oil on linen


“This is one of my favorites. It was also one of the most difficult to paint. The multiple perspectives and vanishing points jumbled together in an impossible falling down house were a challenge. The different light sources and shadows over and through the crazy shapes were a constant pleasure and a constant dilemma. I used a lot of glazes, going over the rubble to deepen lavenders, blues or umbers and then back again with opaque paint to highlight where the light would mark an edge. That happened many times. It became a dance in and among the imagery, akin to the title.

And what ‘s going on? There are the characters graphed out by parabolas of light, intersected with a beam of light, strung together with movement and gaze.

It’s everyday; when birds pierce your heart, while the cat looks on. How did you get there? What brought you to the point of such extreme transition, walking a path through an architecture of ruin?

Everyday got you there.”


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