by | Jan 15, 2022 | The Hungry Eye

Its been almost 2 years since I’ve written out into the world.  The swirl of interiorness and the onslaught of news from the globe and friends somehow pressed me into a continual working mode. Aside from painting I decided to take an old idea, rewrite it, illustrate it and amazingly find a publisher.  It is called Above & Below The Voyages of Virgilio.  It is a fable for anyone & everyone.

Here is the cover:

It will be available in stores around Valentine but you can preorder:

and a lovely review by Lewis Shiner:

Once one book happened I thirsted for more.  There was a graphic novel written by Pam Noles that I illustrated quite a while back that had never transformed into book form.  So I decided to do it myself.  It is a black & white comic tragedy about two teenage girls in Las Vegas who become zombies and search for their killer amid much other chaos: 

If you are interested you can buy a copy from me:  $25 plus $4 shipping.  Email me for details.

Amidst all this book making there were paintings that lined up in my head like a lot of impatient monkeys.  In order not to be overwhelmed by this internal disorder I succumbed and made them.

 Roses at Doodle Beach

2021    36 X 48   oil on panel

 I Love You America

2021      48 X 96   oil on 2 panels

Shiva in the Forest

2021    18 X 24   oil on panel

 Pink, Tree

2021  36 X 48  oil on panel


2021    36 X 48   oil on panel


2021   48 X 48   oil on panel

 Sunset Rocks

2021    36 X 48   oil on panel


2021    36 X 48   ink & oil on panel

I haven’t said anything about the feelings of the last two years because there have been so many words written & said that I feel jungled by the weight of them.  Rather I feel I speak better with pictures.  There are more paintings but I’ll end with this one which I have a great affection for.
It has two titles: Float, Fly, Swim, or more simply:

The Big Pink

2021    48 X 96   oil on 2 panels