Faces, Time part III

by | Sep 25, 2018 | The Hungry Eye

I’ve become adrift in my own history. The sketchbooks go back to the beginning of art school. At that time I drew constantly. On the subway, at bars (drinking age was 18), at Julliard (I talked my way into the barre classes because The Royal Ballet of London was in town), and pretty much everywhere else. Now there is more painting going on with drawing usually happening when I travel. 

So I’ve picked the ones that grab me without too much structural considerations other than a kind of hat-tipping to time. Some people I drew a lot and some hardly at all, although they were deeply meaningful to me. Some snuck into paint. The curse of the Piscean mind.


My Grandmother (1972):

My best friend Indigo, from when we were 15 years old in high school till she departed these chaotic realms:

Last day:

My Dad, whom I didn’t start drawing or painting till he was in the midst of dementia:

Portrait of P A Wolff

2010   13 X 18   oil on wood

2 from art school:

My friend, Christopher Moyer:


2007     40 X 50    oil on wood

The Italians!

 Adriano Angelucci:

Portrait of A

2010     14 X 22      oil on wood

Claudio Calosi:

Portrait of Claudio

2010      13 X 14       oil on wood

Linda Selmin:


2010    18 X 30    oil on wood


 2010      12 X 16       oil on wood

2 Italians & 1 Wolff, 3 sheets to the wind:

Portrait of Three

2010      18 X 24       oil on board

My circus partner, Donna Orosz:

Portrait of Donna

 2010          12 X 12          oil on wood

2 commissions:

for this one, after describing what she wanted, I replied: “Oh, you want a Rembrandt!”  “Yes!” she said.

Portrait of Debbie

2011        16 X 20         oil on wood

Ann Evans: 

Portrait of Ann

2013    16 X 20   oil on wood

old, old friend and very first boyfriend ever

Mike Walker

2010       15 X 18        oil on wood

 Mike Hauswirth:

I’ll be guessing on the details as the paintings have gone to Mike and his Mom


Mike in his Apartment

 2011      7 X 18       oil on wood

Family Portrait

2011          16 X 20        oil on wood

friend through the wars and the wonders
Andrea Bredbeck:

Annie Potts, whom I became friends with on a pilgrimage to India:
again, guessing on details


2012     16 X 24    oil on wood

Sally Yap, with books & pug:

And looking back through the decades we come to the first oil self portrait I did.  That’s an actual Post headline: 


2007     40 X 50     oil on wood

Britt Nhi Sarah, on the lyra where I use to coach her:

Britt Nhi

 2007          40 X 50          oil on wood

Karen Kissane

2010              16 X 20          oil on wood

Steve Zhang—I swapped portraits for Chinese lessons

Portrait of Steve

2010      13 X 14     oil on wood