Do you ship out of the continental US?

Yes, but the shipping fee will have to be determined according to where you live.

Do you frame?


Do you sell larger prints?

Yes, but the price will go up as the size goes up. Size must be specified.

How big will the print be if the original is smaller than 18 X 24?

The print will be the same size as the original.  The price will be the same.

How long will it take for my print to arrive?

10-15 business days.

Do you accept other forms of payment?

Personal checks or money orders are accepted. Your print will be sent when the payment has cleared.

Where is it signed?

There is a one inch white border and the print is signed in the lower right hand corner within the border.

Will you put in a specific message, like: Happy Birthday to Sam?

Yes, as long as the message is OK with me and will fit in the space.

What is it signed with?

Indelible black ink.