The Embedded Form

by | Feb 29, 2020 | The Hungry Eye

Recently someone told me that my paintings are about people.  And then added:  the human form, even if it doesn’t appear that way.  That stopped me.  Not something anyone else has said, even in different words. 
I let the thoughts swim around in the back of my brain for a day.  And came up with a few ideas:
When I work on pictures with specific focus on volume, whether it is an architectural image or a vista, I can feel the volumes reflecting back into me.  They are rearranging my heart.  I mean my physical heart as well as my emotional heart.  I don’t plan this.  It happens when I extract the picture in my head, wrangle it onto a surface, and then begin to paint it out.  Not always but often.  It’s as though the space in the paintings coalesces around you, making an impression of your body, simultaneously allowing you to be in the painting.  Thus indicating a human form.  And perhaps changing this form, this sensate state, this brain state; encouraging a cognitive wandering.  At least this is what I hope is going on.

For example:

 Portrait of Long Ji

2011   oil oin linen   42 X 48


2006   oil on linen   40 X 52

The Mermaid’s Feet

2010    oil on linen    68 X 70

 Garden of Light

2009   oil on wood    36 X 48

 House of Whim

2016    oil on wood    48 X 60 


2012    oil on linen   49 X 56

In contrast a straight on portrait places you at a distance so that you are contemplating the form but not usually being enfolded.  I’m thinking more of a head/bust portrait:

Virgil & Djoal

2010   oil on wood   17 X 18

Portrait of Chip (SRD)

 2010   oil on wood   13 X 16


 2008   oil on wood   12 X 16

When it’s a three-quarters to full body in an environment there is some give and take in the voodoo:


2007    oil on wood    40 X 50


  2010   oil on wood   14 X 22


YYYY      HH X WW     medium

Once the picture is tipping over into the surroundings, overpowering the figure….you’ve got the embedded form being enfolded and what of us, the viewers?
…we’re back to crazy talk
easier to look and see:

Yellow Dream

 2009   watercolor on paper   55 X 60


2009   oil on metal blackboard   28 X 42

 Under the Tartuffala Tree

YYYY      HH X WW     medium

OK, that’s was a bit of an unexpected hike.  But internal wayfaring being one of my primary motivators, I hope you enjoyed the trip with me.
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