Time, Faces

by | Sep 14, 2018 | The Hungry Eye

This idea has been swimming around in my head for quite a while, but when I started to amass images it became a bit overwhelming.  Should I just include the oil paintings or go the deep dive into drawings also?  So I threw out faces on my desktop and decided to let them dictate their preferences, and let time riff among them.
The first one is right above….of me in my old studio on Church Street surrounded by the idea fish, my familiar (catspider) and various objects that hung around.  The lace curtain divides inside from out and you get a glimpse of the old Canal Street stores.  The fish swim everywhere.  (Crazyfish  2008   oil on wood  30 X 60)

And looking back through the decades we come to the first oil self portrait I did.  That’s an actual Post headline: 

Self Portrait

1987      18 X 24     oil on canvas

Just to give some context here is a family portrait…..that’s me holding the skull and grinning:

Family Portrait

1987      70 X 86     oil on linen

…and then I painted the inside out burning, subway musings & the overlap of movie and self before looking in the mirror again:

Wolff Walk

2003   48 X 72   oil on linen

Through Moving Glass 

2005   50 X 70   oil on linen

2 Heads

 2007       25 X 50     oil on linen


2008   12 X 16    oil on wood

Portrait of Wt

 2010     14 X 22       oil on wood

The most recent is the chaos of me and my cats:

Saving my Sanity

2018         48 X 60       oil on wood

Enough with the same face!   Here’s where a lot of looking across years began:

Virgil on Sheepskin

1990           10 X 16          watercolor on paper

I said I wouldn’t do a whole post with just his pictures—he told me that would be weird…..I’ll restrain myself to a handful:


2000          8 X 12       pen on paper

In Greece with an attendant Minoan local:

Postcard from Thira

2006        34 X 48     oil on linen



2008       14 X 18        oil on wood

Virgil & Djoal

2010        17 X 18          oil on wood

Portrait of V

2010               14 X 22             oil on wood

And just last Xmas:


2017         81/2 X 111/2     pen & watercolor on paper

again, just in pen:


2017         81/2 X 111/2     pen on paper

This is bad…I haven’t even gotten through my relatives.  Well, so its a deep, deep rabbit hole. Part 2 will be coming along in a bit.  I promise other people and locals.  On the ground, in the air, lounging in bed with books and staring you in the face.